Baby Photoshoot Near Vancouver

Baby Photoshoot Near Vancouver

A new parent understands why other parents were protective of their child as soon as they lay eyes on their newborn. Newborn photography sessions are a way for you to remember those chipmunk cheeks, chunky arms and feet, and innocent smiles. These early days are fleeting and precious; hence, you should book newborn photography in Vancouver BC as soon as it is safe for the baby and yourself.

Tips for the best newborn baby photography

Schedule ahead of time

The best Vancouver baby photographer will only allow newborn photoshoots when the baby is five days to two weeks old, which means you should have a clear forecast of when to book a session. Scheduling in advance gives you and the photographer the time to plan everything and make the shoot as unique as possible. Also, booking in time is an obvious way of ensuring you get a suitable spot, whereas making last-minute bookings will not always ensure you have the exact date you prefer.

Give them an early rest.

Infants sleep a lot and may have a sleep pattern that will not cooperate with the photoshoot’s schedule. It may help to give your baby enough rest so they are awake for the actual photoshoot. You can also prepare them with the proper attire, so we will only adjust their sleep position upon arrival.

Feed the baby

There is nothing more peaceful and beautiful than a milk-drunk infant. Feeding your baby just before the shoot is an easy way to give them sleep and ensure you have a relaxed and peaceful shoot. Avoid giving them foods that will make them burp during the shoot, such as heavy meals or plenty of fluids. It also helps to have an extra feeding bottle in hand just in case the shoot takes hours, and you need to calm them down.

Plan the attire

A professional baby photographer near me will tell you that they often take newborn photoshoots as they lay in swaddles. However, we encourage parents to put together all combinations of attires or even consider undressing the baby if they want a more delicate shoot.

Make sure you tie a loose diaper around the baby do prevent diaper marks around the waist. Vancouver newborn photographers recommend changing the baby into their last diaper just before the shoot, so you only have to do it once and possibly prevent a bathroom accident.


Telling you to relax to ensure success in the photoshoot is a rather peculiar suggestion. However, we know too many cases of parents who get anxious and overly active trying to put the baby in a more perfect position, a more perfect outfit and other redos.

Babies can feel their mother’s stress and get fussy when you are constantly changing the scene. Trust us to work with you in keeping the baby calm and ensuring a calm and fast shoot. We will use all the necessary props and settings, while ensuring you have a soundly calm background for an uninterrupted sleepy shoot. Call 604-317-8126 or use the online contact form on Charlotte’s site to book a consultation, or book a baby photoshoot near Vancouver.

Baby Photoshoot Near Vancouver

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