Get to Know Mark Iler


My name is Mark Iler and I am a Field Recordist and Audio Engineer providing audio services to Film, Video and Music (live sound for concerts, festivals, etc.) clients, mainly in the Washington State area.

I have a wide range of audio equipment to meet your needs... If I don't have what you need, No worries, I can get it!

I have been providing Location Audio Services in and around the Washington State area since 1988 as a sole proprietor, and 5 years prior to that in Michigan. My experience includes Field Sound Recording and Audio Engineering for Film, Video, Television and Music. I'm used to working on small crews and I'm not afraid to get my gloves on and lend a hand in the Grip and Lighting departments as well.

My resume give you a basic look at my career.  But know that I have worked in the Puget Sound, Washington area and I have traveled all over the world for various jobs - I DO keep a current passport just for such things....

Below is a quick synopsis of many of my experiences... 

  •  Recording and Mixing sound for Corporate Videos, Live Webcasts and Meetings.
  •  ENG Audio for sports and news networks like ABC, CBS, NBC and ESPN.
  •  A1 & A2 Audio for The Seattle Mariners Fox Broadcast and the Wizards Of The Coast "Magic: The Gathering" Pro Tour.
  •  Location Sound for Documentaries, Indie Films and Reality TV.
  •  Sound Stage and Location Sound for local and national TV Commercials.
  •  Playback Sound for Music Videos.
  •  Mixing and Recording Live PA System Sound for Small Music Acts, Festivals and Corporate Meetings.

About Audio Equipment

I have a wide array of equipment for use on audio jobs... Equipment images and more can be viewed in my Gallery! Please DO have a look!

The Puget Sound and Portland areas have some VERY talented hard working production people and I know a great deal of them. Feel free to use me as a reference for Camera people, Producers, Directors, Gaffers, Grips - even other Sound people - if I'm not available!

My Musical Side

As a sideline, I also play Guitar and Harmonica and Sing for Solo / Duo Music Gigs and also perform with various other bands. For more on my Music Performances and Experiences, check out my music sites right here...

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